Keystone Bank Launches Zero Data Mobile App

Keystone Bank Mobile App will let users enjoy banking services on their mobile phones without data

Keystone Bank Limited has reportedly launched its zero data mobile app dubbed ‘Keystone Bank Mobile App’ that will let users access the app and enjoy banking services on their mobile phones without data.

Dr. Obeahon Ohiwerei, the Group Managing Director/CEO of Keystone Bank Limited, said the rollout of the app is in line with the bank’s commitment to deliver superior and innovative banking solutions to its customers.

“In our fast-paced and evolving digital world, service literally has to be at the speed of thought; the rules of engagement are changing so fast that customer expectations are as diverse as our lifestyles and choices,” Mr. Ohiwerei said, reported Vanguard. “It is no longer a question of stepping out to the bank but about the convergence of innovative services, digital technology and Omni-channel platforms coming to us at breakneck speed.”

He said while the use of mobile applications for banking services is not new in the industry, there was no end to innovation in delivering customer convenience, especially at Keystone Bank. Furthermore, he added that the bank is committed to coming up with new innovations that could continue to be its strength.

“We are determined to be your preferred bank; dependable, responsive and always within reach,” Mr. Ohiwerei said.

Easy account opening, convenient self-booking and liquidation of fixed deposits are some of the main features offered by the zero data mobile app. Other features include bill-payment options, easy activation of standing instructions, and recurrent future payments. The app also offers switch card on/off option which allows users to disable their cards temporarily if missing and re-enabling at the click of a button.

There’s also “Hide Balance” feature that serves as an additional safeguard against third-party viewing and the “Meet Your Relationship Manager Option” which allows users to call or email their account officers using the app.

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