French Generic Drug Company Biogaran Launches Its Operations In Ivory Coast

Biogaran has been present in Africa since 2017

Biogaran, the first French pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in generic drugs, has reportedly extended its presence in Côte d’Ivoire as part of its expansion plans to other countries in West and Central Africa.

Biogaran launched its operations in Ivory Coast on Monday in the presence of Ms. Annick Diener, French Ambassador’s Counselor,  and Dr. Aka Aouélé Eugène, the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene of Ivory Coast.

“Biogaran wants to work for access to quality healthcare in West and Central Africa,” said Emmanuel Le General Manager and Director of International Affairs at Biogaran. “We want to offer products with European standards, at an affordable price.”

He added that Côte d’Ivoire seems to be the ideal base for the development of Biogaran’s activities in the region because of its favorable business climate and the logistical facilities.

“We want to make Côte d’Ivoire the bridgehead of our deployment in West and Central Africa, ” said Dœuff.

The Servier group’s subsidiary company has been present in Africa since 2017, through Swipha, a Nigeria-based drug production and distribution company. Biogaran has sold 14 medicines from its range of more than 800 specialties since the beginning of January. The medicines offered by the company covers a wide range of pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension and bacterial infections which are increasingly present on the African continent.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 11 of the 14 medicines offered by Biogaran are declared essential and respond to public health issues.

In Ivory Coast, Biogaran offers France imported drugs to patients that are as per European standards and affordable prices. All generic medicines offered by the French pharmaceutical laboratory are bio-equivalent to the original medicines, thus guaranteeing the same effectiveness.

Notably, Biogaran is also committed to collecting all pharmacovigilance cases detected in patients in Côte d’Ivoire. As part of the Corporate Health Program, a CIAN initiative, the company commits to provide free medical samples to recently diagnosed patients and support awareness campaigns against cardiovascular diseases.

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