Indian Smartphone Maker Lava Officially Enters Ghana

Lava has launched the Champion series, Z series and Iris 51 handsets in Ghanaian smartphone market

The India-based smartphone maker, Lava, has officially announced its introduction in the Ghanaian smartphone market by launching a variety of quality and affordable mobile phones in the market. LAVA is banking on the prices and quality of its products as its competitive edge in the market.

The list of Lava smartphones that have been introduced include the Champion Series mobile phones- C1, A1, N1, and the Z series smartphones- Z81 2GB, Z81 3GB and the Iris 51. The Indian smartphone manufacturer has already established a strategic partnership with mobile phones distribution company, I2 which will be using both online and offline channels to help LAVA promote the brand.

“Our core belief is to empower all stakeholders including promoters, partners, retailers, and consumers,” Saurabh Verma, Executive Director of Lava Africa, said at the launch event in Accra, reported “As a small company, we seek to make available technology more affordable to our consumers as a way of empowering them.”

He added that a good distribution network and a good supply partner will help Lava cater to smartphones buyers’ needs more efficiently.

“We have a good distribution network and a partner that can easily supply our products to the market; from factory to the distributor and then to the retailer so we can be more efficient to the end consumer,” Mr. Verma said.

He ensured that Lava’s affordable smartphones will help expand valuable technology to people who currently remain unconnected to the rest of the world.

“These people also need technology so that they can better their lives so we are here to empower them with our affordable quality range of smartphones,” Mr. Verma indicated.

Je Lee, Managing Director of I2, the official distributor for the Lava brand, expressed optimism that Lava smartphones’ unique features and affordability will help the company survive the Ghanaian market.

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