Former Bosasa Executive Angelo Agrizzi To Face Hate Speech Charges For Admitting He Is A Racist

Agrizzi admitted during his testimony at the state capture inquiry on Tuesday that he's a racist

Former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi has called for fresh trouble after admitting during his testimony at the state capture inquiry that he’s a racist. On Tuesday, an audio recording was played during Agrizzi’s testimony in which he repeatedly uses the k-word to describe black directors of Bosasa, the controversial company that’s alleged to have paid a whopping amount of bribes to senior government officials in exchange for favors.

“They are k******, they are screwing your father… I would fuck up those k******”, Agrizzi can be heard saying in the tape.

Agrizzi’s audio clip was recorded during a meeting at his home with Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson’s brother Jarred, who brought along Gavin’s two children.

The former Bosasa executive told the inquiry that the meeting was called by Bosasa owner Gavin Watson to persuade him to not expose the company’s illegal activities and return to the company. Agrizzi said he was offered millions of rands in exchange for his silence.

The whistleblower said during the meeting, he was tired and half asleep at the meeting after working the whole night and was under the influence of alcohol. He apologized for his racist remarks saying that he was embarrassed and ashamed, reported Eye Witness News.

The South African Human Rights Commission now wants to take Agrizzi to court over his racist remarks. The SAHR commission said it planned to bring hate speech charges against Agrizzi. The commission is seeking appropriate relief at the Equality Court, including an order for payment of damages against Agrizzi and that the court submits the case to the NPA for the possible institution of criminal proceedings.

“We are bringing an action in the Equality Court against Mr. Agrizzi for the statements he made which amount to racism,” the commission’s Tseliso Thipanyane said.

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