Ugandan Musician Turned MP Bobi Wine To Likely Challenge President Museveni In 2021 Elections

Wine is encouraging young people to register for voting

It seems Ugandan pop star turned MP Robert Kyagulanyi, also popularly known as Bobi Wine, is seriously considering running for the president post in the next elections.

During a recent interview with Robyn Curnow of CNN’s International desk, Bobi Wine confirmed that he and his team is looking forward to challenge President Museveni in the next presidential election in Uganda in 2021.

Museveni has ruled Uganda since 1986. He even changed the constitution twice to extend his stay in office. However, he has not yet declared his intention to contest in the next elections by virtue of his age he would not be eligible to stand in the elections when polls are next held.

“Many people have come to me calling me to stand. We have been discussing this issue with my team and I must say we are seriously considering challenging President Museveni in the next presidential elections,” he told CNN.

Wine pointed out that the only way to put a halt to dictatorship in Africa is to get young voters to the polls.

“Ugandans cannot be free unless they free themselves from military rule and lawless rule,” he said.

Bobi Wine said that his team has started a campaign calling upon all people of Uganda, especially the young people, to register themselves for voting.

“We believe that by the time we get to the election which is about two years away, we will have many Ugandans registered as voters and overwhelming Museveni looks like our only way out,” he added.

Wine entered politics in 2017 and in the same year, he ran for a parliamentary seat in a by-election without the backing of a political party and won in a landslide. Since then there’s no looking back for the musician. He was even declared African Personality of the year 2018 by the African Leadership Magazine.

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