Libya Government Claims UAE Drones Used To Carry Out Attacks In Gharyan City

Libya’s UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) on Monday claimed the United Arab Emirate’s drones were used to carry out attacks in Gharyan city, south of capital Tripoli, reported Anadolu Agency.

“UAE’s drones that support rebel war criminal [Khalifa] Haftar just targeted Abu Ghilan area in Gharyan city,” GNA’s military forces said in a statement.

The GNA, however, did not provide any information on how many people were injured.

The Libya government has repeatedly accused the UAE of supporting Haftar’s forces. Last month, it claimed the UAE drones targeted Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli. But, UAE has continuously denied having any involvement in supporting Haftar’s attack on Tripoli.

Meanwhile, airstrikes continued over the weekend as the fighting between the pro Khalifa Haftar forces and those defending Tripoli continues.

On Saturday, Haftar’s forces targeted the Misrata airport, which is the only functioning airport in north western Libya servicing around three million people. As per reports, there was minor damage to a Libyan Airlines and a Wings Airlines aircraft and damage to a mobile flashlight unit. The airstrike led to the airport being closed temporarily.

The Tripoli Ministry of Foreign Affairs lodged a formal protest to the Security Council over the Haftar forces’ targeting Mitiga and Misrata airports. It called on the Council to assume its responsibilities and hold Haftar’s supporters accountable for the aggression launched against Tripoli.

The ministry official said the government is disappointed with the UNSC as it is not taking any action against Haftar and his forces.

 “The UN Security Council is not taking any action against crimes committed by the Haftar militias, the latest of which was the shelling of Misrata international civil airport, which led to the injury of a worker and damaged a number of passenger aircraft,” the statement read.

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