Donald Trump’s Second Summit With North Korea’s Kim Jong-un To Be Held After Midterm Congressional Elections

Trump says he is currently too busy in campaigning for Republican candidates

Recent reports suggest US President Donald Trump’s second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will be scheduled after midterm congressional elections next month. The elections are scheduled to take place on November 6.

During an interview with the press reporters on a flight from Washington, DC to the mid-western state of Iowa, Trump said that he is currently too busy in campaigning for Republican candidates to travel for another summit before the November elections.

“I just can’t leave now,” he said.

Notably, the first meeting between Trump and Kim was held in Singapore in June this year at which Kim promised to work toward de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The US President confirmed on Tuesday the second summit will take place at a new location. He added that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has had very good talks with Kim over the weekend and that the government is currently considering three or four different locations for the meet.

“We’re talking about three or four different locations,” Trump said.

When asked if his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida was an option in the list, Trump replied it would definitely be a good option, but the final decision is yet to be taken. He also ascertained that their next summit isn’t too far away.

“I think it would be good, but we’ll see,” the US President said.

Trump has hosted foreign leaders in his Mar-a-Lago resort in the past, including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Xi Jinping of China.

The US President’s latest comments follow Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent visit to North Korea and the announcement that the North Korean leader has allowed for inspection of one of the country’s key nuclear sites by international observers.

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