Donald Trump Says US Will Not Support Wealthy Nations

The US President took the names of Japan and South Korea

Addressing a rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday, the United States President Donald Trump said the government is going to help the other countries but not the wealthy countries like Japan and South Korea who are not paying enough for the military protection that the US provides to them. He said that he has reached out to the heads of such wealthy countries and raised the issue in front of them.

“We’re going to help other countries,” Trump said. “But we can’t have wealthy, wealthy countries where we take care of their military and we’re not reimbursed, or we’re reimbursed for a tiny fraction. Can’t have that. These are wealthy countries. I’ve gone to some of them. I don’t know if I should give you names. Who cares? There are plenty of them”.

The US President took the names of Japan and South Korea. He said although Japan is an immensely wealthy nation, it is not helping the US in any manner and neither is it paying for the military protection, against the North Korean threat, that the US is providing.

“I said to Prime Minister Abe, I said, look, we’re taking care of your military,” Trump said adding “We help you a lot with North Korea. They’re not sending missiles over Japan. I did that. You’re only paying for a percentage of your military. We’re doing the rest. You’ve got to really help us out. It’s not fair”.

Pointing out South Korea, Trump said South Korea is a wealthy country but it has no money to pay for 32,000 US soldiers who are stationed there. He said South Korea is making huge money because of the US then why should the US government pay USD 1 billion for the missile system to defend them.

The statement is in line with Trump’s “America First” policy.

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