Samsung Galaxy S10 Specs List Might Include Full Screen Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung has filed for a patent that would convert the entire smartphone screen into fingerprint reader

Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S10 smartphone is no new to leaks and rumors.  A lot of rumors surrounding Samsung Galaxy S10’s specs, price, and release date have been making rounds on the web since last few months. As the Galaxy S10 will represent the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s “S” line, tech enthusiasts are expecting the South Korean company will pack in something special inside the phone to commemorate a decade.

According to True TechNet, Samsung has filed for a patent that would convert the entire screen of a smartphone into an all-screen fingerprint reader. The feature would allow the user to tap anywhere on the screen to unlock the phone. It is likely the same feature will be included in Samsung Galaxy S10’s specs list.

Notably, at Qualcomm’s recently held 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong, Samsung’s head of mobile memory product planning Jay Oh revealed that the next generation of flash storage, called UFS 3.0, will be offered in the next wave of Samsung smartphones in 2019.

Unified File Storage (UFS) is the type of storage that modern smartphones use for everything from the operating system to photos and videos. UFS 2.1 is currently used in premium smartphones. With Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series coming in 2019, it is expected that the handset could be the first to feature UFS 3.0. UFS 3.0 will initially be available in the 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage variants with 1TB option expected in 2021.

It is rumored that Samsung will follow the footsteps of Apple and release three Galaxy s10 variants next year- Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10 Lite. The third Galaxy smartphone will be a toned-down budget friendly variant which will be devoid of the premium features that are expected to be present on the S10 and S10 Plus. The latest hearsay claims that the base storage of the ‘Lite’ S10 variant phone will be pegged at 64GB.

Samsung is expected to announce its next flagship phones in early 2019.

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