US Vice President Mike Pence Warns Beijing To Change Its Behavior

Pence says Donald Trump is open to finalize a trade deal with Xi Jinping in Argentina

The United States Vice President Mike Pence has warned Beijing to change its behavior in order to avoid a cold war with the US.

During an interview with The Washinton Post, Pence said that President Donald Trump is open to finalize a trade deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Argentina later this month, only if Beijing is ready to bring in changes to it’s economic, political and military activities as demanded by the US.

“Trump is leaving the door open for a deal with Xi in Argentina, but only if Beijing is willing to make massive changes that the United States is demanding in its economic, military and political activities,” Pence said.

The US Vice President warned that the upcoming meeting in Argentina could be China’s best chance to avoid a cold-war situation with America.

“I think much of that will depend on Argentina,” Pence said.

He advised the Chinese government to come with concrete proposals that address all the issues currently going on with the US including respect for international rules and norms, rampant intellectual property theft, forced technology transfer and restricted access to Chinese markets.

“The president’s attitude is, we want to make sure they know where we stand, what we are prepared to do, so they can come to Argentina with concrete proposals that address not just the trade deficit that we face … We’re convinced China knows where we stand,” Pence said.

He said that if China doesn’t come up with any such proposals, the US will likely escalate economic, diplomatic and political pressure on the country. He added that the U.S. economy is more durable in comparison to China to weather any such escalation in future. Pence said the US is looking for a change of posture and want results.

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