2019 iPhones Will Likely Be Thinner & Lighter Than 2018 Lineup- Report

Next-gen iPhone to feature Samsung's ‘Y-OCTA’ panels

New reports suggest Apple’s next generation 2019 iPhones will get a major design overhaul. A new report coming from Korean news site ETNews claims the upcoming Apple handsets will be thinner and lighter and feature a new touch-integrated OLED display.

Notably, the current iPhone models have a separate touch panel. They have an OLED display along with a touch-sensitive layer. Each layer in a phone adds to the thickness of the phone, so Apple is reportedly working to merge the OLED screen with the touch layer. It is rumored that the 2019 iPhone models will integrate everything into a single display that will likely result in a substantial reduction in thickness and weight. This will also result in reduced cost of productions, reported TomsGuide.

The current generation iPhones are pretty thin with iPhone XR measuring 0.33 inches (8.3mm) thin and the iPhone XS and XS Max offering a depth of 0.3 inches (7.7mm).

As per the report, Apple has chosen Samsung – which has a division that makes phone screens – to work on the iPhone 2019 OLED panels which will reportedly be called ‘Y-OCTA’ displays.

The report further claims that as the supply of the ‘Y-OCTA’ panels will be in short supply, the new display technology will only be included in one of Apple’s 2019 iPhone models.

Among other specs, the 2019 iPhone model is rumored to share similar specs as the company’s 2018 lineup. Apple is also not expected to use a 5G modem for its 2019 handsets. So, tech enthusiasts can expect three new iPhone models next year with little or no changes compared to the current iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. However, there are two things to look forward to in 2019 iPhone lineup which includes rumors of a triple-lens camera scheme and a completely redesigned home screen with the rollout of iOS 13.

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