Somalia’s Army & Allied Militia Recapture Key Town From Al-Shabab Extremists

M23 Rebel Group Says It Is Ready To Withdraw From Occupied Areas In DRC

Sudan’s Military, Pro-Democracy Groups Sign Framework Deal To End Crisis

South Africa’s Parliament Postpones Vote On Cyril Ramaphosa’s Impeachment

DRC Minister Reveals More Than 270 Villagers Killed In Massacre By Rebels

Mali’s Transitional PM Choguel Maiga To Resume His Role Following Medical Leave

ECOWAS Leaders Agree To Creation Of Regional Military Peacekeeping Force

Ethiopia’s Rebel Tigray Forces Say 65% Of Fighters Recalled From Frontlines

Sudan’s Military, Pro-Democracy Coalition To Sign Transition Framework Agreement

Ugandan Health Ministry Confirms Last Ebola Patient Discharged From Hospital

WHO Says It Still Doesn’t Have Full Access to Ethiopia’s War-Hit Tigray Region

Burkina Faso’s Interim President Traore Confirms Recent Failed Coup Attempt

South Africa’s Opposition Party Calls For An Early Action Over Ramaphosa Scandal

Africa CDC: African Continent To Receive 1st Batch Of 50,000 Mpox Vaccine Doses

Rwandan President Kagame Accuses DRC President Of Using Crisis To Delay Polls

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Faces Imminent Threat Of Impeachment

FAO Increases Cash Transfers To Alleviate Impact Of Drought In Rural Somalia

US State Department Expresses Doubts About Equatorial Guinea’s Election Results

WMO Report Says Large Parts Of World Experienced Water Extremes In 2021

Somalia’s Security Forces End Hours Long Seige By Al Shabab Militants In Mogadishu Hotel

Comorian Court Sentences Ex-President Sambi To Life In Prison For High Treason

UN Human Rights Commission Accuses South Sudanese Officials Of Overseeing Gang Rapes

DRC Election Commission Schedules Next Presidential Election In December 2023

Equatorial Guinea’s Electoral Body Announces President Obiang As Winner

Ugandan President Extends Ebola Lockdown In Kassanda & Mubende Districts