US Calls For Orderly & Responsible Withdrawal Of UN’s MINUSMA Forces From Mali

UN Envoy To Libya Says Proposed Electoral Laws Not Enough To Enable Election

US Government Imposes Travel Restrictions On Ugandan Officials Over Anti-LGBTQ Law

Mali’s Foreign Minister Asks UN To Withdraw Its Peacekeeping Mission MINUSMA

ICC To Investigate Fresh Allegations Of War Crimes By M23 Rebels In DRC

Sudanese Foreign Ministry Rejects Kenya’s Chairmanship Of IGAD Delegation

Nigeria’s President Tinubu Suspends Head Of Country’s Anti-Corruption Agency

HRW Report Claims M23 Rebels Responsible For Mass Graves In Eastern DR Congo

UN Secretary-General Calls For Streamlining Mali Peacekeeping Mission

Sudanese Warring Generals To Have A Face To Face Meeting- Kenyan President Vows

EU Considering Major Tunisia Aid Package To Boost Economy, Reduce Migrant Flows

Ethiopian Government Slams Two Major Aid Organizations For Halting Aid

Sudanese Warring Factions Agree To A 24-Hour Ceasefire Starting Saturday

UN Food Agency Suspends Part Of Its Food Aid To Ethiopia Due To Diversions

Sudanese Government Declares UN Envoy Volker Perthes ‘Persona non grata’

WHO Declares An End To Marburg Virus Disease Epidemic In Equatorial Guinea

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Tests Positive For Covid 19 Virus

Ethiopian Government Rejects HRW Report On Ethnic Cleansing In War-Torn Tigray

UNSC Condemns Ongoing Fighting In Sudan Between Army And Paramilitary Forces

Tanzania Government Declares End To Deadly Marburg Virus Outbreak, Confirms WHO

Senegalese Court Sentences Opposition Leader Sonko To Two Years In Prison

Zimbabwean President Schedules Presidential & Parliamentary Polls On August 23

Sudanese Army Suspends Ongoing Negotiation Talks In Jeddah- Diplomatic Source

Ugandan President Museveni Signs Passes Law To Stop Stealing Of Human Organs

Senegalese Opposition Leader Sonko Calls Out Supporters, Urges For Mass Protests