H1B Visa: US Department of Labor Lists Names of 26 Wilful H1B Visa Violator Companies

The list includes names like Temp Solutions, Telava Network, and Supreme Tech Solutions

The US Department of Labor (DoL) has list the names of 26 companies declaring them as ‘willful violators’ of the H-1B visa system.

Some of the names included in the list are Temp Solutions, Telava Network, Supreme Tech Solutions, Global Telecom Corp, Anthony Information Technology, and Amica Technology. You can check out the complete list on Latestly.

Notably, earlier this month, an Indian-American named Kishore Kumar Kavuru was arrested in the US in charges of H-1B visa and mail fraud. He has been charged with 10 counts of visa fraud and 10 counts of mail fraud for his alleged scheme that illegally brought 600 foreign workers to Silicon Valley in the last ten years.

Kavuru used his four consulting companies namely Infinity Methods Corp., ITECH Analyst Corp., Orian Engineering Inc., and Scopus Consulting Group to hire skilled foreign workers by filing fraudulent applications for non-existent jobs. If convicted, Kuavuru will face 10 years of imprisonment and a maximum fine of USD 250,000 for each count of visa fraud and up to 20 years of imprisonment for each count of mail fraud.

The list comes at a time when the Donald Trump-led administration is planning to bring out major changes to the country H1B visa policy which US companies misuse to get cheap foreign labor at the expense of jobs for Americans.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently proposed new visa norms that will require the companies inviting foreign workers to work in the US to pre-register electronically for the annual H-1B lottery. Around 85,000 applications are selected every year out of a larger pool of H-1B applications through the popular H-1B visa lottery system.

Notably, the new proposed changes will give more power in the hands of the USCIS to decide who can work in America.

Caroline Finnegan

A professionnal journalist for the past ten years, I cover global news and economic affairs for The Chief Observer.

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  1. I do nor understand why you do not mention or publich the harresment faced by US citizens due to H1B fraud.
    Shame on you.