Rain CEO Confirms eSIM Devices Are Working Well On Rain’s Mobile Network

Roos said Rain working to commercialize eSIM offering in first quarter of 2019

Rain, one of South Africa’s leading mobile network operator, has confirmed that the eSIM devices currently running on its mobile network are working “exceptionally well”. An eSIM is an embedded SIM card which is built into the device and needs to be enabled by a mobile network to function as a second SIM.

Notably, last year in September, Rain along with Vodacom, and MTN confirmed that they were working with Apple to support eSIM technology in South Africa. The collaboration led to the launch of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max with eSIM functionality.

During an interview with MyBroadband, Rain CEO Willem Roos revealed about the network’s progress on eSIM support. He said that the company is working to commercialize its eSIM offering in the first quarter of 2019.

“We think our eSIM offering coupled with our R250 unlimited off-peak option will provide exceptional value for customers with devices – such as the iPhone Xs and Xr, and newer iPad – that are eSIM capable,” said Roos. “Using a low-end contract or pay-as-you-go SIM from one of our competitors for voice and coverage, and the Rain eSIM for data, will result in dramatic savings.”

According to Roos, tests results have shown that a Rain eSIM works well in smartphones, and using the iPhone Xs with a Rain eSim and standard Vodacom physical SIM produced good speed test results. It has been found that an iPhone Xs accessing the Rain network using an eSIM achieved download speeds of over 99Mbps, upload speeds of over 11Mbps, and a ping of 59ms.

Rain also plans to use its 5G network to launch ultra-broadband services to homes and SMEs in South Africa. The telecom operator’s 5G network is also expected to support IoT systems, smart cities, and self-driving cars in the future.

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