Sudan: UN Chief Calls For Removal Of Sudan’s Name From US Terrorism Sponsors List

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday called for Sudan to be removed from the United States list of state sponsors of terrorism to support the country to emerge from its economic crisis, reported Al Jazeera.

“It is time to remove Sudan from the list of state supporters of terrorism, and to mobilize massive international support to enable Sudan to overcome its challenges,” the UN chief said during an address at the annual African Union summit in Addis Ababa.

Washington added Sudan to its list of state sponsors of terrorism in 1993 over allegations that then-President Omar al-Bashir’s government was backing terrorist groups. The designation makes Sudan ineligible to get debt relief and financing from the IMF and World Bank.

The US began a formal process to de-list Sudan in January 2017, but the process put on hold when mass protests erupted last year. The protests led to the ousting of former President al-Bashir and eventually forced the military into a power-sharing agreement with civilians.

Guterres also met with Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok on the margins of the AU Summit. The two discussed Sudan’s ongoing political transition, the peace process, and the transition from peacekeeping to peacebuilding in Darfur. Guterres commended Hamdok for the ongoing reform efforts and pledged the full support of the United Nations to Sudan.

In related news, the Sudanese government has requested the United Nations to deploy a peacekeeping mission in the country as soon as possible under Chapter 6 of the UN charter, covering the entire territory of Sudan. The request comes in the backdrop of discussions in the United Nations this month on the post-UNAMID arrangements in Sudan.

“Sudan’s government has submitted a request to the United Nations asking for a UN Security Council mandate to deploy a peace-building mission under Chapter 6 of the UN charter,” a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary read.

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