H1B Visa: New Norms Make Hiring Tougher Under H1B Visa

American companies will now have to disclose detailed information about foreign employees

The Donald Trump led administration has reportedly rolled out a set of stringent provisions to the H-1B visa application process that makes it tougher for American companies to sponsor foreign workers.

Under the new norm, introduced in H-1B labor application process, American employers will be required to disclose the total number of the total number of non-Americans employed by them already employed by them, before applying for H-1B visa applications for more foreign workers, reported The Times Of India.

The H1-B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers who have a specialty in occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. The new norms will make it mandatory for companies to get its labor application approved by the Department of Labour before sponsoring a foreign worker.

Before approving the application, the US labor department will ensure that no domestic worker loses out a job to a foreign worker covered under H1-B visa category. In other words, the US government body will check if there is no domestic worker for a particular position.

Furthermore, the new norms will require the employing company to submit a Labour Condition Application form with details about H-1B worker employment conditions, including disclosing all places of employment, the duration and the estimated number of H-1B workers at each office.

The company will also have to mention the secondary entities using H1-B visas and give an estimate of the total number of foreign nationals already working at each location listed in the application. The new norms will also require employers to provide educational documents of the H-1B workers.

More information about when the new forms will be made available will be listed online on the Office of Foreign Labor Certification’s website.

The Trump administration is also planning to make major changes in the country’s H-1B visa policy that will likely change the definition of specialty occupations and employment under this foreign work visa category.

Caroline Finnegan

A professionnal journalist for the past ten years, I cover global news and economic affairs for The Chief Observer.

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  1. There are tons of Foreign companies ( TCS Infosys Wipro Tech Mahindra HCL Tech Zensar KPIT Persistent Mindtree Mhapsis L T Infotech Hexaware Cognizant ) that are in US that are taking away millions of American jobs to Bangalore Pune Hyderabad Noida Madras

    Millions of IT jobs are hijacked out of US by these Outsourcing companies. rampant visa abuse AT Third party End client locations….

  2. University of CA San Francisco, Edison Gas Company, Disney IT, Verizon and many corporations…………………… .

    They have made H1B program a cheap labor program. Cheap source of labor can be easily abused on way.
    If H1B is so bright / brilliant that u do not find skill locally and has to be flown into US – Then why not make H1B salary MINIMUM 150 k ? Todays inflation and very fact that it is imported from foreign country – make H1b salary Min 150k …. and set a bidding process …. Like Highest bidder paying highest h1b salary – say 150 k gets priority and gets H1B approved easily.
    There are millions of IT professionals and US college graduates available in US and we do not need any Foreign H1B. Just scrap H1B program and US will be fine and prosper without it. That is the reality.
    corporations are BIGGEST abuser of H1B program and they have used Outsourcing companies as SHIELD.
    Now coming to lobbying part – Just dismantle H1B program and u will be surprised suddenly US corporations will have no issues finding local talent.

    1. Please understand that I am hiring manager in big conglomerate . As you mentioned it is not easy to find skilled people in engineering sector with required experience levels. The way we address this issues in current scenario is to hire and train fresh graduates from college out and train them under development program , Unfortunately these engineers alone cannot support the complex engineering solutions for today situation so this is where problem arises. With this high demand job market even hiring non immigrant engineers with High pay is very tough. I don’t find people that could do skilled job in advanced engineering.

      1. Stop the India Inc propaganda lies. There are MILLIONS of skilled engineering Americans available.

        You and your company are in violation of US law – Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens, Subsection 5 which makes it illegal to even admit any foreign worker to the US if it adversely affects the wages or working conditions of American workers.

        The US has had it with the India Inc job robber lies and propaganda you people are doing all over the US. You are all Y2K visa overstayers who were supposed to go home in 2002 but never left.

        Why are you still here thief?

        Americans build the companies, Indian Mafia walks in and takes them over. You people are a bunch of parasite losers.

        Oh – and WE are TRAINING you.

        And learn some Enlgish first before you tell us you know how to write software, you leech.


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