H-1B Visa: Two American Women Senators Comes Forward To Support H-4 Visa Holders

The letter urges US government to not revoke the authorization to immigrants on H-4 visas

Two powerful American Democratic women senators have reportedly come forward in support of H-4 visas holders, who are spouses and children of H-1B visa holders.

Senators Kamala Harris from California and Kirsten Gillibrand from New York have written a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and USCIS Director L Francis Cissna urging them to not go ahead with the US federal body’s decision to revoke the authorization to immigrants on H-4 visas as it would affect more than 100,000 women.

The letter comes after the Department of Homeland Security told a US court last week that its decision to cancel work permits allotted to H-4 visas holders will likely come into effect in the next three months.

“Rescinding the H-4 rule will result in significant personal hardship to women who will be forced to abandon their professional careers,” the letter read.

The two senators pointed out in their letter that an action that deprives spousal H-4 visa holders of pursuing their professional careers is completely antithetical to principles America is built on.

“We urge you to consider the economic, psychological, and personal harms that rescinding the H-4 rule will cause to more than 100,000 professional women, their families, and their American communities,” they said.

Furthermore, in the letter, Ms. Harris and Ms. Gillibrand said forcing professional women to give up their careers will cause serious harm to their children as for many H-1B families, who live in higher-cost areas, having two incomes is a necessity and not a luxury.

“Rescinding the H-4 rule would create a permanent barrier to employment – including self-employment – for these women, reinforcing a harmful stereotype that women do not belong in the workplace and widening the gender equality gap,” the senators wrote in the letter.

The Donald Trump led administration is currently reviewing the H-1B visa policy as it fears that many companies are using the H-1B visa policy to replace American workers.

Caroline Finnegan

A professionnal journalist for the past ten years, I cover global news and economic affairs for The Chief Observer.

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  1. I don’t think this two democrats are thinking about USA citizens , they have sold us jobs to outsiders for their vote bank , they are talking as if only H1B/H4EAD ppl lives in higher cost area what about average citizen who earns less . This ppl H1 already have higher income which is more , then why their spouses needs to have job this is like USA citizen are struggling for jobs and you are giving away jobs to outsider who already has high income.
    I have lost all faith/hope in decorates and don’t think I would like to vote for them any more .

  2. Take one college engineering course and then rewrite this article. There are thousands of American engineers who are unemployed, going crazy, depressed, hopeless, helpless, and expected to drive truck for Trump’s moronic America, after we worked damn hard to earn engineering degrees. I could smoke you in any area, even prose. My brain is at least 2x better than your brain. But because I listed to you assholes and became an engineer, I suffer? I am unemployed? Fuck this country.